My feet just can't wait to get into my Alegrias! I wear my sandals in the house; my clogs out....they are soothing & it's actually good for my knee too. I dance ballet & jazz at least 4 times a week & walk often so I'm very active. It is soooooooooo soothing to get into my clogs after all of this workout! I am recommending them to my clients who are physically challenged because of their injuries due to accidents. Fabulous find!

Malia Withy.

I have PF in both feet and I own 4 pairs of Alegria. These are the only shoes that doesn't hurt my feet. In fact, my feet feel great after wearing them for a while. I love them. My feet love them, too. You must try these shoes. Your feet will love you for it.

Loretta Grado.

At a recent doctors appointment, ALL the nurses went crazy for my Alegria shoes and it delayed my appointment by 20 minutes because nurses and staff from other departments wanted to see and try them! They, like I, know there is no price you can put on a good comfortable shoe.

Tamara Getz.

I have had 3 surgeries on each of my feet over the past 27 years. It is painful to walk very much. Within 3 days of wearing the Alegria shoes I was walking pain free - something that I haven't done in 35 years! I can now go to bed without taking pain medication and I don't wake up from pain when I move my foot at night. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found you!

Angela Simmons.

This is my 3rd pair of Algerias! I'm an art teacher & a potter, so I trash my shoes, but these hold up to the challenge. I love the fun colors and prints and how cute they are and they actually hold up so much better than other shoes.

Bettina Duncan.

I own 12 pairs of Alegrias and am constantly being asked about them. I carry small slips of paper in my purse with the brand name and your website written down on them and have been approached anywhere from Paris, under the Arc de Triumphe, to Chick-Fil-A to find out what kind of shoes I was wearing.

Beth Langston.

I did a lot of research before buying these shoes. I have had trouble with my feet hurting and getting tired all my life. These shoes are great and I'm so happy you have sandals now! My feet have a high arch and so I need lots of support and Alegria truly delivers.

Chloe Ronson.

I teach yoga and am always trying to find a great slip-on style shoe to wear. I bought my first pair of Alegrias 2 months ago and now have 3 pair. My students ask me about them all the time and comment on how cute they look even with leggings and a t-shirt. I'm so addicted I just purchased the Paloma style for weekends and dressier occasions!

Kendra Gold.

I have worn Alegrias for two years now and own 8 pair. Your feet will thank you a million times over! I got the boots in black and they are just so fabulous and comfy. The real shearling lining at this price is truly amazing. Treat yourself for the holidays! It will be the best present you can give yourself.

Lorraine Chick.

I am a nurse and the rocker bottom keeps me rocking from patient to patient all day long and reduces stress and pressure on my back and knees.

Gina Smith.